#5 Post: The right of anonymity is a matter of privacy

by Jillian C. York

“Anonymity and pseudonymity may seem increasingly difficult to achieve online.”

Peudonymity is the use of pseudonyms as identifiers.  We should fight for our privacy online; should concern about private on their accounts, profiles and contents, so that’s  the reason we basically assign it to pseudonymity.  In fact, both Facebook and Google have been pushing hard for people to use real identities online, which has resulted in some serious pushback from advocaes of pseudonymity online.  By the same token, the main reason for anonymity, however, is a belief that what is written is more important than who writes it, and somtimes need to provides internet users with the anonymity they need to protect their private lives.  With attention to the black side of anonymity, the screen gives a sense of security that ensures that individuals tend to engage more easily, so that there exist many vicitms fall into dupery.


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