#4 Post: Privacy vs. Anonymity vs. Security

by Sasha Romanosky

There are three phrases related all the time and they are privacy, security and anonymity that intermingles straight forward in the virtual internet world.

Here is my own examples:

  • Privacy – the condition of being concealed or hidden
  • Security – the state of being free from danger or injury
  • Anonymity – the state of having no known name or identity or known source

Privacy: Checking emails in public with cell-phone. (Nobody else can see the details.)

Security: Emails are locked up by security system. (Needs to log in use password.)

Anonymity: Playing online game (without anyone knowing you.)

Privacy & Security: At private place, sign in to the chatting room and have conversations with friends. (At home securely log in.)

Privacy & Anonymity: At home playing online matching with someone who won’t notice that you are using a fake identity.

Security & Anonymity: you are in your house alone but being spyed by random people on the street who don’t know you.


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