#1 Post: Anonmity, Privacy and Security Online

Prepared by Princeton Survey Research Associates Internationals.

“All told, 86% of internet users have tried to be anonymous online and … [tried] to mask their behavior or avoid being tracked.”  In other words, the majority of internet users would like to control which information can be shared to public and which can be accessed to selected people, trying to do selections from people and let them retain focus on you.  Obviously, the youth are the most vulnerable victim for being surveilled,  based on Princeton Research Associate’s report on the people who really worrys about information leakage.  Such data from the research results summing-up with a idea for awareness of privacy infringement.

  •  21% ofinternet users have had an email orsocial networking account compromised ortakenover by someone else without permission.
  • 13% ofinternet users have experienced trouble in a relationship between themand a family member or a friend because ofsomething the user posted online.
  • 12% ofinternet users have been stalked or harassed online.
  • 11% ofinternet users have had important personal information stolen such astheir Social SecurityNumber, credit card, or bank accountinformation.
  • 6% ofinternet users have been the victimof an online scamand lostmoney.
  • 6% ofinternet users have had theirreputation damaged because ofsomething that happenedonline.
  • 4% ofinternet users have been led into physical danger because ofsomething that happenedonline.
  • 1% ofinternet users have lost a job opportunity or educational opportunity because of something they posted online orsomeone posted aboutthem.



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