Is The Internet Changing The Way We Think

Assignment 1:
Linda Stone talks about the difference between “simple and complex multitasking” and “continuous partial attention” – what does she mean by this and how do you think it works for your own experience or behavior with technology?

Beyond Simple Multi-Tasking: Continuous Partial Attention – Linda Stone

Reading through Linda Stone’s article, it summed up with one point:
Multi-Tasking is one of our daily motions what makes the things more effective.
There are two conditions of multi-tasking: one is simple multi-tasking and another one is complex multi-tasking, in the other words: continuous partial attention, according to the author. To distinguish these two different methods we need to focus on the demand. “They have two different attention skills which motivated by different impulses.” Linda explains there exist different motivations that determines multi-tasking. “We multi-task to create more opportunity for ourselves- time to do more and time to relax more.” Multitask, to do more activities in a short fixed time, is more efficient than we only do one thing at a time. Linda discusses how are two methods of multi-tasking different: simple multi-tasking is basic activities we all do right now – to do two or more things in a same time “automatically” ; complex multi-tasking is somehow desired to work more. For example: we eat and talk at the same time; we watch and listen. In a little different ways: we are having a class using our pads and laptops – in this particular case, we use many sources to improve our knowledges, which is complex multi-tasking. More specific, when we write paper, we apparently use more than one technologies: in my situation, Ipad, laptop, and cell-phone.

Changing the Thinkings


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