Summaries for Articles

Blue Globe Technology

Attention, Crap Detection, and Network Awareness – Howard Rheingold

Key Words:
– Attention – Detection
– Discipline – Cognitive Support Task
– Hyperlink – Technical Capabilities
– Fundamental Literacy
Howard Rheingold discuses the proper way of using networks and media. First to learn how to use technologies what mean you have to know either in negative and positive effects. To know the danger of addiction can reduce the risk of loosing attention. Networks are tools. Every men need to use tools to finish their works. The right tools are for the right work. To choose a proper tool is another way of avoiding interuptions when using technologies. At last, the decision making is sort of important in network using. There are three steps of decision making. 1.filtration: allowance in my head? 2. worth my tomorrow? 3.bookmark it for my unexpected future? Fundamental Literacy is the most talked method in this article. Like it said, attention is the fundamental literacy that I have pay attention when I decide which links are worth for bookmarking.

The Greatest Detractor To Serious Thinking Since Television – Leo Chalupa

Key Words:
– Detractor to serious thinking – Devour time
– Frivolous software – Incoming e-mail messages
– interpersonal communication is circumscribed

Leo Chalupa writes the detractor of thinking is the invention of television and the internet. Thousands of downloads are frivolous ways of wasting time. Moreover, the internet has been a barrier to communications. And how many sources of study are real? How can you even recognize the true information you are looking for? Indeed, it is a short way and fast to find online, but how are you sure about the accuracy? Leave out the technologies and find out by your self if you have serious thinking to figure out, to eliminate from devour of fake messages.

Outsourcing the Mind – Gerd Gigerenzer

Key Words:
– Deep thinking – Interruption
– Control by network messages – Thinking profession
– Active/ Reactive way – Cognitive function
– Exactitude – Memorization
– Collective memory
Gerd Gigerenzer states: the internet can be used in an active way that might change the way of thinking. The turning point of changing the cognitive function is from searching for informations inside the mind toward outside the mind. “The internet has amplified this trend of shifting knowledge from the inside to the outside and taught us new strategies for finding what we want by using search machins.” Because our short memories and forgetting fast, we use outside mind informations rather than inside mind information. In outside sources, such as books, magezines, newspapers, internet, etc, we can find a lot sources that saved in long-term memory that are libraries. Internet is a big storage room that contain millions and millions of informations that we want. Somehow the internet is teaching us new skills to retrieve infromations.

Navigating Physical And Virtual Lives – Linda Stone
Key Words:
– virtual lives – physical lives
– Intention – infinite
Linda Stone talked about contrast of virtual lives and physical lives. We learn lots from the internet and have fun with games we downloaded, even communicate using the chatting room. Virtual lives just like the physical lives that can let people deeply addicted in the internet. In fact, when we look back to the offline world from the virtual world, we feel the pleasure.


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