This is a “Privacy Cartoon” which shows losing of privacy for years.

Reading through chapter one, I found interesting about the section of “Privacy,” what is discussion of “Dog Poop Girl.” From the beginning of taking videos of that girl, she has no privacy. In other words, when her face was shown up on the computer, everyone in the world would know her. I am feeling sad for her in the first place, however, the fact that she did not care about the poops made me so upset in a pet owner’s position.

In the a public place, do we have privay? I had a question. Therefore I went to figure that out based on my friends’ opinion.
Friend A: “Of course, in the cafe, our private informations are protect that no one else has the right to search our bags.”
Friend B: “No. Because there always have somebody looking at you.”
As I reached out several other responses, I finally draw conclusion from these informations. We have the right to protect our privacy but in the case of “public,” how can we stop others spying on us? They also have the right to see what they can see.

For an another example, the article I found out on the internet, “Private isn’t a right, it’s a commodity.

“Nobody had more valuable personal information than anybody else, so everyone was able to trade it in for the same kinds of services.”

We share the information online and want to protect it. how can this happen if you want to have a privacy but also want to share?
I need more time to figure that out!


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